Sunday, 4 February 2018


Welcome to the Website of Hannah Boyd.

To keep up to date with Hannah's daily creative activities follow her on Instagram and Facebook:

Hannah Boyd drawing Chris Brown, musician from Ceri Ridge Trading Company

Hannah currently occupies a studio at 
Newhampton Arts Centre.

 Art Room

Gothic Horror still life display in the Art Room

Pumpkin Surprise still life display in the Art Room

She uses this space to develop her own artistic practice and to deliver skills workshops in painting, drawing and other media. Details of which can be found in the Workshop section of this site. 


Workshops in the Art Room

Hannah is a creative practitioner working in a variety of media exploring materials, public space and 
social commentary.

She has a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Ceramics and a 
Master’s Degree in Fine Art.

Hannah enjoys working collaboratively with a variety of Visual Artists, Poets and Dancers. 

Watercolour and Ink gesture drawing of dancer 

She is part of a team of Artists funded by the 
Arts Council to create work in response to 
Boundary Way Allotments and Community Gardens. 

Sunset and teasels over Boundary Way

Hannah uses Art as a tool to draw people’s attention towards disused environments, highlighting their overlooked potential by inserting temporary Art in or around the vicinity. 

Environmental Collaboration piece with Artists Hannah Boyd and ClareWasserman

 In 2016 she engaged people in an environmental piece
 'Embodied Place' 

 After sectioning off an area of public land, she invited people to document it and see how their perceptions changed towards the place following the event. 


In 2017 she created an art piece called 
'Ghost Dinner Party' 
in which she invited female artists to write their idea of a  dream art project on a pure white dinner plate:

Over the years Hannah has exhibited her work at a number of venues including Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Birmingham Think Tank and Bricklane Gallery London. 
She was invited by the Mayor of Wolverhampton to hold an exhibition in his Parlour. 

Hannah has featured in the Craftsman Magazine a number of issues of Collectivism and the Wolverhampton Magazine as well as being filmed for 
Big Central TV.    


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